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Superior German Made Finishes

Water-based wood coatings Remmers is now going one step further with its completely newly developed range of water-based wood coating systems : the products offered represent a completely new product generation, some of which are far superior to classic solvent-based products

Remmers of Germany

Swiss Made Wägner Aircoat Systems

The Most Powerful Piston Pump. High Quality Finishes demand the best application equipment. Seaton Joinery LTD work closely with Wägner and Remmers to deliver the latest in wood protection and finishing, allowing our customers to receive longer lasting products.

Wägner GmBH

Easy After-Care

We offer 'Mix and Go' tintable brush/roller ready paint matched to your products, for years to come, when maintenance of coatings keep your products looking new. Likewise we sell refresh kits from Remmers when only light maintenance maybe required.

Mix & Go Product

4-Stage Finishing Process

Using Water-based wood coatings, our factory finish is typically a 4 stage process. Both our hard and softwood timber is treated with wood preserver (for translucent coating) and anti-staining primers (opaque and softwoods). Grain raising and profile sanding via our de-nib process, precedes a final Aqua-stop Poly Urethane, highly breathable top coating layer.

Remmers of Germany

COLOUR: The Choice is Yours

Seaton Joinery recommend picking colours from the 223 RAL K5 Classic Colour choices for opaques. These are all Semi-Matt finishes. Although we match high street brands such as Farrow & Ball, Dulux etc with help of Remmers state-of-art matching facility. Translucent colours vary with the wood grain and as such we cannot replicate translucent stains, but our expert team and network can help attain a near seamless match.

RAL K5 Semi-Matt & Remmers Translucent

Interior & Exterior Options

Seaton Joinery can offer your colour choice on both Interior and Exterior sides of your products. We believe contrast and complimentary shades and grain patterns (translucents) work very well together. Our team are always available to advise the best solution in terms of performance and aesthetics that suit your needs.

Duo-Tone Finishes

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